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At the end of our trip on November 29th, 2006 this on-line diary has accompanied us for exactly 414 days and more than 60,000 km. Of course it continues furtheron. Bit by bit we will transform the pages into their final state.

The structure of the site:

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       the actual page
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       the latest leg report (in the future: chronological overview of the leg reports)
       chronological overview of the reports
       route with statistics and geographical overview of all reports

Our tips are still valid:
We (Marion and Thomas) took all the pictures on 'Such is life' (with one exception: Underwater photos in the Rio da Prata - Thank you James!). Most of the pictures do have a short information text. You can see the text by 'moving' your mouse onto the pictures. To see them bigger and in a separate window just click on the pictures. All the maps are selfmade, too. The used satelite pictures are taken from the NASA. For additional informations for the maps we used the CIA World-Factbook.

last update: December-29-2008